Manage your teams on Genymotion SaaS with User groups!

Genymotion SaaS user groups illustration

We have been working hard to bring you a brand new feature on Genymotion SaaS: User Groups! What does it...

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Android 13 beta is out!

Android 13 beta release illustration.

Android 13.0 beta image has just been released! Genymotion Desktop Just select 13.0.0 in Android version when creating a new...

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Apple Mac M1/M2: Genymotion Desktop 3.4.0 beta is available!

Genymotion Desktop 3.4.0beta

Genymotion Desktop 3.4.0 beta for macOS is out to the public for testing! What’s new? Wanna try out? Then go...

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Genymotion Desktop 3.3.3 has been released with VirtualBox 7.0 support on macOS and camera improvements!

Genymotion Desktop has just been updated to 3.3.3! This minor upgrade, brings compatibility to VirtualBox 7.0 on macOS – it...

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