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Group quotas for Genymotion SaaS

Group quotas illustration

Get team management to the next level with group quotas! Remember the Group management feature we released in June? Well,...

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Android 12.1 for mac M1/M2

We have just released an update for Android 12.1 image for Genymotion Desktop. This new image is also available on...

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Manage your teams on Genymotion SaaS with User groups!

Genymotion SaaS user groups illustration

We have been working hard to bring you a brand new feature on Genymotion SaaS: User Groups! What does it...

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Android 13 beta is out!

Android 13 beta release illustration.

Android 13.0 beta image has just been released! Genymotion Desktop Just select 13.0.0 in Android version when creating a new...

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Android 12.1 image for AWS

Android 12.1 is now available on AWS for arm64 instances! Check out the release notes for more details.

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Android 12.1 for Genymotion Device Image

Android 12.1 Genymotion Device image for Cloud providers.

Android 12.1 is now available on Cloud providers! We have released arm64 (armv8) images on Alibaba, and x86_64 images for...

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New Genymotion Device Image v13.0

Genymotion Device image 13.0.0

After a long wait, Android 7.0 to 11.0 images have finally been updated to version 13.0! With this new version,...

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Apple Mac M1/M2: Genymotion Desktop 3.4.0 beta is available!

Genymotion Desktop 3.4.0beta

Genymotion Desktop 3.4.0 beta for macOS is out to the public for testing! What’s new? Wanna try out? Then go...

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