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4 Tips That Will Help You Create Your First Android App

There are many people out there with excellent app ideas. However they often encounter the same problem: they don’t know where to start! If you have found yourself in this situation, here is some good news: you’re not the only one. Even better, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve made this noob-friendly guide that can come in handy 😊 Tip 1: Lean the basics of coding The truth is…
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[UPDATED] Genymotion 2.7.0 is out – Retina display support, NAT/Bridge network modes, and more

EDIT 2: Genymotion 2.7.1 is out and fixes compatibility issues with Android Studio. Faster ADB technology has been removed and will be reimplemented very soon in 2.7.2. EDIT 1: We noticed a few compatibility issues with Android Studio (Genymotion not being detected by adb). 2.7.1 is on its way and will fix the issue. Meanwhile, 2.6.0 is the version that remains available to download. YES! You read it right: Genymotion…
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HPE Discover 2016 – Where to find us

HPE’s annual Discover event is upon us! This year it is happening in Las Vegas from the 7th-9th of June, and will be dedicated to digital transformation. We are very excited to announce we'll be part of HPE's selected industry visionaries! Here are all the subjects we'll tackle, plus all the related sessions. See you there! Tips to keep up with demands for qualitative app releases   Mobile app testing…
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Free eBook: Cloud Based Emulation

The New Way for Mobile Companies to Do Business   In today’s competitive market, mobile companies need to build apps right the first time, quickly iterate to stay current, and create a steady pipeline of new apps as customer needs evolve. One of the main challenges businesses developing apps face today is communication. Traditionally, there is no central and easy way for everyone in businesses to work together. Communication, especially…
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Genystory | Tristram Norman (Simprints)

Tristram Norman is Chief Technical Officer at Simprints, a non-profit dedicated to tracking critical services through mobile biometrics. Reliable identification is lacking in many parts of the world, making it extremely difficult for health or aid workers to tell people in a crowded slum apart. "If you’re looking for a fast streamlined emulator for Android, choose Genymotion" Simprints' app plugs into major mobile data collection platforms, allowing hundreds of organizations across…
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Webinar | “Your Android Application Lifecycle SaaSified” (French version)

After the huge success of the English version (more than 8,500 registrants), join us for the French one! Discover how the exclusive new features of Genymotion Cloud can take the whole mobile application lifecycle to a new level. Build, test, flaunt and support all your Android applications thanks to our near zero touch Cloud offer. To whom is this webinar addressed?   Genymotion already was an engineering marvel. It has solved a huge amount of business problems for…
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Genystory | Philippe Bernery (Backelite)

Philippe Bernery is Head of Innovation at Backelite, the French Leading Digital Service Design agency that simplifies users’ everyday life by defining, designing, implementing and optimizing their digital services, including web, mobile and connected objects and TV. “Genymotion Cloud allows us to have more flexibility” Companies don’t always have the time or resources to test on multiple Android versions which can be risky because bugs can remain in older Android…
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Modern App Development Should Be Collaborative

Marie Cambet – Marketing Director at Genymobile Finished your work? Start again!   Every developer has had this experience You get the specs, you burn the midnight oil to get the alpha ready by the deadline, you deliver… and suddenly there’s a whole new set of requirements, not to mention problems on specific devices on specific networks or in specific GPS locations. The result: more coding, more regression testing and…
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Last week at Droidcon SF

Last week we attended the first ever Droidcon in San Francisco... only a 20 minute walk from our Genyhouse! It was a really great two days, full of engaging speaker sessions from top experts and great encounters where we discussed Genymotion and the latest trends in Android technologies. Once again, Droidcon did what it does best: it brought together a global network of developers and companies in a fun environment…
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Continuous Integration with Genymotion

  What is the main goal of Continuous Integration? CI (Continuous Integration) prevents integration problems by pushing smaller code changes more often. CI is meant to be used along with automated unit tests. That's where Genymotion comes into play One of Genymotion’s key features is its Gradle Plugin which allows you to combine the Gradle build system with Genymotion. This allows you to declare the virtual devices you want to start…
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