About Us

Making the most out of Android since 2011

Genymotion is developed by Genymobile, which was founded by Arnaud Dupuis in 2011 and now has over 40 employees in Paris, Lyon, and San Francisco. 

Initially a simple, fast, developer’s favorite Android emulator at the time when Google would make you wait more than the time of your coffee to start a virtual device, Genymotion has evolved into a full-fledged Android platform, available across multiple channels both in the cloud and on your desktop. 

Our vision is to provide Android capabilities at an affordable price to all stakeholders who have to navigate the Android world, from the least technical to the experts.

Indeed, with Genymotion, Sales teams who are not familiar with IT can simply access Android devices in their browser, with an intuitive interface, and demo or test Android apps as if they were on a phone, while Android test engineers will use Genymotion devices to automate tests and interact with them with scripts through ADB or Java API.

Every day the world is more mobile, every day new applications and services get developed on Android; whatever your role in this universe, we’re here to help!


Our team is composed of experts passionate with mobile technologies, and eager to face innovation challenges. Our company culture is nerdy, fun, and caring. Employees come to work every day to learn new things, build a great product, and chat with friends, in a cozy work environment where they can feel inspired – but also have a great coffee, share good food, or play video games during breaks. 

Our management culture is participative, and we strive to empower everyone in the team to grow and achieve his own goals. In an ever-moving environment, we build our software following best-in-class agile practices, with a fluid product roadmap, which can quickly adapt to our customers needs and to market trends.

Do you want to join us and be a part of the team?