Genymotion Cloud SaaS

Cloud-based Android virtual devices to boost your test automation or run your app in your website

Run automated tests

  • Enjoy a seamless ADB access: allowing a secure and easy compatibility with your testing framework such as Appium, Espresso, Robotium,etc.

Run and showcase your app in your website

  • Enjoy a smooth interactive access to your app: high streaming performance, low latency

And many other possibilities!

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Genymotion Cloud PaaS

Android virtual devices available on Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and Alibaba Cloud.

  • Control your whole environment and manage your own infrastructure
  • Scale and manage it according to your needs
  • Use your favorite test automation tools and CI environment thanks to our compatibility with ADB
  • Create virtual devices with our without GPU

Try out Genymotion Cloud on:

AWS GCP Alibaba Azure

Genymotion Desktop

Develop higher quality apps with Genymotion Desktop!


Ensure a better user experience

  • Emulate 3000+ virtual Android device configurations (Android versions, screen size, hardware capacities, etc.)
  • Simulate every imaginable scenarios thanks to our full set of hardware sensors (GPS, network, multitouch, etc.).


Enjoy great support!


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Genymotion Cloud

Cloud-based Android virtual devices

Scale your automated tests or embed your Android app in your website.

Two options

PaaS (Platform as a Service)

$0.5 per hour per device
(+cloud providers fees)

SaaS (Software as a Service)

$0.05 per minute per device

PaaS user guide

SaaS user guide