On-demand Android virtual devices hosted by Genymotion.

Run automated tests

  • Direct ADB access with a full compatibility with all testing frameworks such as Appium etc.
  • No infrastructure maintenance or installation matters
  • Easy integration with your CI environment using our ADB tunnel

Embed your app in your website

  • Interactive access to your app from a web browser
  • Easy to integrate and to use with SDKs and APIs
  • Virtual devices with dedicated GPU to enjoy hardware acceleration

For only $0.05 per min per device

Get started now!

Device Images / PaaS (cloud providers)

Android VMs available on AWS, Azure, GCP and Aliyun marketplaces.

  • Control over your infrastructure, security standards and cost
  • Infinite scalability with cloud provider datacenters
  • Best in class security and reliability for enterprise needs
  • Compatibility with all test automation tools through ADB
  • Dedicated GPU available (AWS only)

For only $0.5 per hour per device.

Try out Genymotion on:

AWS GCP Alibaba Azure


Local virtual devices with high performances.

Ensure a better user experience

  • Emulate a wide range of virtual device configurations (Android versions, screen size, hardware capacities, etc.)
  • Simulate multiple scenarios thanks to our full set of hardware sensors (GPS, network, multitouch, etc.)
  • Cross-platform: Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Manipulate easily with ADB

Variable pricing

  • $412 per year for employees in a company (BUSINESS). All features, advanced support.
  • $136 per year for freelancers (INDIE). All features, best effort support.
  • Free for personal use only (learning, entertainment). Limited features, no support.

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