The safety of our users’ personal data, and reliability, are of utmost importance to us, at Genymobile. Hence, we are dedicated to use the highest standards of security and reliability in our products and services. However, despite all our efforts and due to the highly complex nature of the modern technologies we use, vulnerabilities and bugs may still be present.

As such, customers, users, partners and any other person that interacts with Genymobile products and services are encouraged to report vulnerabilities with our Genymotion solutions and services.

This page describes Genymobile’s policy regarding the reporting and disclosure of potential vulnerabilities and errors in its products and services, and how to report them accordingly.

Report a vulnerability & disclosure policy

If you find a security issue with one of our Genymotion products, we encourage you to report it by clicking Report a vulnerability below and fill the form with as much information and details as possible.


By reporting a vulnerability to us, you agree with the terms of Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure, and not to disclose to any third party any information related to your report, the vulnerabilities and/or errors reported, nor the fact that vulnerabilities and/or errors have been reported until they have been fixed.

Special Thanks

We, at Genymobile, highly value your participation to help us find bugs and potential security issues: if your report is confirmed and approved by our security and development teams, we would be delighted to add your name and social network link(s) to our Special Thanks board below.


In the event of duplicate reports for the same issue, we only add the first person to report the vulnerability.