Android Emulator for PC & Mac

Genymotion Desktop is fast, simple to install and powerful thanks to user-friendly sensor widgets and interaction features.
Genymotion Desktop illustration

Create your own device

Over 40 ready-to-use customizable phone & tablet templates with Android 5.1 to the latest sable version.

Multiple Widgets

GPS, Capture, Camera, Media injection, Biometrics and many more! See section below.

Multi OS

Available for Windows, Linux and macOS.

Work with mac M1/M2

With native arm64 images for better compatibility with games and apps, without any ARM translation tools!

Android studio plugin & integration

Compatible with any ADB-based IDE, such as Android Studio.

Use your computer GPU on Android

Full GPU acceleration for best performances.


Media injection

inject media files (audio, video, image) to the device camera


Genymotion Deskotp media injection widget screen capture.
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Use your host machine webcam as camera


Genymotion Desktop webcam widget screen capture.
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Emulate GPS


Genymotion Desktop GPS Widget screen capture.
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Advanced Tools

Quick access the most common Android developer tools.


Genymotion Desktop Advanced Tools widget screen capture.
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Take a screenshot or screencast of the virtual device.


Genymotion Desktop Capture widget screen capture.
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Network Settings

Simulate various network interfaces, types and signal strength.


Genymotion Desktop Network widget screen capture.
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Simulate various fingerprint recognition.


Genymotion Desktop Biometrics widget screen capture.
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Simulate information and control related to the network and SIM operators.


Genymotion Desktop Baseband widget screen capture.
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Routes simulation

Simulate routes with track files.


Genymotion Desktop GPS Widget Routes simulation screen capture.
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Android Controls

Emulate various Android controls


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Automatically install Google PlayStore and services.


Genymotion Desktop OpenGAPPs widget screen capture.
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Phone simulation

Simulate phone calls and text messages.


Genymotion Desktop Phone simulation widget screen capture.
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Simulate various battery states.


Genymotion Desktop Battery widget screen capture.
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View and edit the device Android ID and Device ID/IMEI/MEID.


Genymotion Desktop Android identifiers widget screen capture.
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Disk I/O

Take a screenshot or screencast of the virtual device.


Genymotion Desktop Disk I/O widget screen capture alternative.
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gmtool CLI

Command line tool to control Genymotion and virtual devices.

PRO (full commands)

Genymotion Desktop with gmtool CLI example.
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Other (Pro only)

Android 14


Desktop Pricing


Personal Use, Light Edition
$ 0.00
No license required
Free widgets
Pro Widgets
Latest Android version
Technical assistance


Educational Use
$ 49
/Year & Student
Free widgets
Pro Widgets
Latest Android version
Technical assistance
For students, teachers and schools. Subject to valid proof.


Personal use, Freelancers or Self-employed
$ 206
Free widgets
Pro Widgets
Latest Android version
Technical assistance
Does not apply to employees, contractors & resellers.


Commercial Use
$ 412
/Year & user*
Free widgets
Pro Widgets
Latest Android version
Premium Technical assistance
*Discount for high volumes
For employees, contractors and resellers.


for Companies with high volumes

All inclusive (widgets, Android versions)
VIP Technical assistance
License server access: manage your users' licenses

Try Pro for free

Try Genymotion Desktop Pro with full features and technical support for 30-days

Frequently Asked Questions

Simply select “Personal Use” when running Genymotion Desktop for the first time.
Please note that the free version has several limitations and technical assistance is not available (see section above).

If you wish to continue using Genymotion Desktop for your personal use only, you can switch to the free version by selecting “Personal Use” when prompted after the end of the trial period.

However, you will then have limited features and technical assistance will no longer be available.

Genymotion Desktop has been designed to run on physical workstations: Servers, Virtual Machines and VPS are not supported.

No. Genymotion Desktop cannot run in a cloud instance.

However, we have developed our Genymotion Device Image for Cloud providers product especially for this use.

Reboot your PC and try again.

If this does not fix the problem, please refer to this article from our help center: How to fix “Unable to start a Virtual Device” error?

Google Apps are not pre-installed on the devices. You need to install the openGAPPs package to get Google Play Store and other Google Apps. See Genymotion Desktop user manual for detailed instructions.

If you can’t find an app or game or Google Play Store, or if it says “Your device isn’t compatible with this version”, it may mean that the app or game is only available for ARM.

For more details and instructions, please refer to this article.

An Internet connection is mandatory at first run, to connect to your account and download the Android images when installing a new device.

However, you can then use Genymotion Desktop offline for 15 days – or more if you have subscribed to a Premium plan.

Latest News - Changelog

Genymotion Desktop 3.7.1

Bug Fixes

Genymotion Desktop 3.7.1 fixes a regression introduced by Genymotion Desktop 3.7.0.

The bug is related to Virtual Device deployment when installing Genymotion Desktop 3.7.0 for the first time, see the following summary to know if you have been impacted:

Creating a virtual device workedThis situation is rare but may occur, especially on Linux systems.
Install 3.7.1 and re-create your Virtual Device.
Remove the folder of your Virtual Device located in the working directory at the time you’ve used Desktop 3.7.0.
Creating a virtual device failedInstall 3.7.1 and it will work.


This bug only affects fresh Genymotion Desktop installs. You should not have any issues if you upgraded from a previous Genymotion Desktop version.