Android for Cloud providers

Genymotion Device image “Platform as a Service” (PaaS) offers an Android environment featuring the power of Genymotion.

Available on most popular Cloud platforms:

Multiple Android Versions

Run your tests on Android from 5.1 to the latest stable version.


Integrate Genymotion Device Image with your testing tools or frameworks with our HTTP API.

Customizable devices

Customize the device properties and hardware specifications to your liking.

Dynamic Rooting

Root and un-root your device at will with the dynamic rooting feature.

Share / Embed device

Embed your device into your website, with our open-source Javascript SDK.

ARM64 images

Run apps and games for arm/arm64 without any ARM translation tools!

Emulated Features

Pricing Device Image

For Cloud Providers

Available for AWS, GCP, Alibaba and Azure
$ 0.50
/Hour & instance*
ARM64 images on arm64/aarch64 servers
Integrate with your CI and test frameworks
*without Cloud provider fees.

Private Offer

For companies with high volumes
Run high volumes of instances at a discounted price
Available for all supported Cloud providers


Run Genymotion in your local network
Run everything in your company local network
Discount available for large volumes
Dedicated support


Genymotion works closely with AWS to help customers run virtual devices as ec2 instances and benefit from AWS highly scalable platform.

Latest News - Changelog

Genymotion Device Image v14.0

Android versions

New features


  • Mouseover to view fully truncated fields
  • New console message for browser usage reminder

Bug fixes

  • Fix flashing archive issue for Android 10 to 14

Android 14 beta image for AWS

Android versions

Android 14.0 beta image has been released. It is only available for arm64 instances on AWS. Updates and fixes will be released as soon as they are available.

Known issues

The following features are not available yet, or don’t function properly:

  • When starting the messaging app, a warning popup related to the app version is triggered.
  • Bluetooth is not working.
  • Rounded corners feature is not working.
  • Charging status is not updating correctly in the battery widget.
  • Switching root status could involve troubles in adb connection.