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Android Virtual Devices for all your team, project, development & testing needs

Empower your Android teams with
Virtual Devices that truly scale


With all testing framework based on ADB: Appium, Espresso, Detox, etc.
And popular Continuous Integration solutions: CircleCI, Bitrise, GithubActions, etc.


No nested virtualization to speed up your tests and operations with or without a dedicated GPU.


Instant access to unlimited virtual devices that can be run simultaneously for test sharding or parallel testing.


Instant access to unlimited virtual devices that can be run simultaneously for test sharding or parallel testing.

Genymotion Device image on AWS using c6g (ARM) instance without graphical acceleration.

Many other devices are available on our various platforms and all of them feature the following sensors:

  • Battery
  • Rotation
  • Camera & Sound injection
  • GPS
  • Network and Baseband
  • Disk IO throttling

But also:

  • Live logs
  • Drag’n Drop Sideload
  • Android Identifiers

Multiple Genymotion solutions to meet your needs

Genymotion SaaS

Android virtual devices hosted by Genymotion.

  • Interactive access to your app from a web browser
  • Secured connection to ADB
  • Multiple integrations (Detox, GitHub actions, …)
  • Easy to integrate and use with SDKs & APIs
  • Dedicated GPUs available for enhanced performance
Genymotion Device Image

Android virtual devices available on AWS, Azure, GCP, Aliyun and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure marketplaces.

  • Control over your infrastructure with no maintenance needs
  • Best-in-class security and reliability for enterprise needs
  • Infinite scalability with cloud providers data centers
  • Run applications for ARM natively with ARM64 instances
  • Embed your device in your website
Genymotion Desktop

Local virtual devices with high performances.

  • Emulate 3000+ virtual Android device configurations (Android versions, screen size, hardware capacities, etc.)
  • Simulate every imaginable scenarios thanks to our full set of hardware sensors (GPS, network, multitouch, etc.)

Unique features for
common challenges



Develop with confidence! Genymotion Virtual Devices are equipped with a large choice of widgets and sensors that can be manipulated to simulate any real life situation or scenario: location, SMS & calls, network & baseband, etc.



Never fail because of approximations! Our Virtual Devices are available from Android 5.0 to 12, and you can customize the screen size and its resolution to emulate any kind of phone on the market.



Need to do test sharding? With Genymotion SaaS, you can spawn as many Virtual Devices as you want. Running 6 Virtual Devices for 10 minutes costs the same as 1 for 60 minutes: scale your tests, but control speed and cost!

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