Genymotion Desktop 3.4 is out and comes with tons of new features ; let’s take a quick tour! 🙂

Apple Silicon support (M1/M2 chip) with Android native ARM

After a 2 months beta period, we’re proud to announce the official support of Apple Silicon chips for Genymotion Desktop!

For now, only Android 11 is available but more Android versions will come. The good news is you will enjoy Android native ARM64 image, which makes the emulators compatible with all ARM64/armv8 native apps and thus compatible with almost all applications from the Google Play store!


Need to enjoy a more immersive user experience? Desktop 3.4 now supports skins with a pack of default skins: two regular phone skins and two gaming / streaming oriented tablet skins.

But that’s not all: we also added custom skins support, so you can easily create your own branded skin and use it in the emulator! Your imagination is the limit 🙂

Playing Pixel Wheels game with gaming skin in Genymotion Desktop

Advanced developer tools widget

We introduced a new widget for developers, which allows you to have a quick access to most used Android Developer Options (more will be added).

Don’t hesitate to give us your feedback about what tools and features you’d love to see in this widget in the future.

Advanced developer tools widget in Genymotion Desktop

Multi-display support

Android introduced the ability to connect external displays since Android 9. We added this feature in the emulator too.

You can add up to three extra displays depending on the Android version used. This feature is still experimental but it should work fine in most situation.

Showing 3 extra displays in Genymotion Desktop

For more details and information, make sure to check out the release notes.