Get team management to the next level with group quotas!

Remember the Group management feature we released in June? Well, we just improved the feature one step ahead with quotas.

Because resource management is paramount in a Cloud environment, we worked hard on this new feature to make it as easy and straightforward for managers to control the number of devices they wish to allocate to their groups and sub-groups.

And now, this is all ready for you to use!

How does it work?

It’s quite simple, really. Let’s have a look with a couple of simple examples.

When creating a group

It is possible to set a group or sub-group quota when creating it. To do so, just uncheck “Use organization resources pool” (or “Use parent group resources pool” if this is a sub-group) in the Allocated devices per group field, and use the slide, or number box, to set the amount of devices to allocate:

"Create group" window
1. Uncheck “Use organization resources pool”
Allocated devices per group field
2. Use the slider to set the amount of allocated devices. Note that you cannot allocate more devices than your organization maximum devices!

The same goes with sub-groups; the only difference is that the maximum devices that can be allocated is the number of allocated devices of the parent group.

For example, let’s create a sub-group called Freelancers from the group Avengers, which has 12 allocated devices:

Sub-group creation window
1. You cannot allocate more than the parent group resources pool (12 here).
Change sub-group quota at creation
2. Uncheck “Use parent resources pool” and use the slider to allocate devices to the sub-group.

Once done, the number of allocated devices for each group and sub-group is displayed in the Groups dashboard page:

Group dashboard page with quotas

When editing a group

Of course, group quotas can be changed after their creation by editing the group or sub-group settings.

Just click pencil iconnext to the group or sub-group you want to modify. This will open the Edit Group window:

Then, uncheck “Use organization/parent group resources pool” and use the slider to allocate devices to the group:

Allocated devices per group field

Finally, click CONFIRM to apply the change.

Need more details?

Feel free to refer to the release notes and our on-line user guide.