We have been working hard to bring you a brand new feature on Genymotion SaaS: User Groups!

What does it do?

The User groups feature allows manager to regroup and organize their users into groups and sub-groups, so that teams from different departments (developers, QA, support, etc.) are easily identified and manageable.

For example:

Screenshot from Genymotion SaaS Groups page with famous characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe

How does it work?

Nothing complicated: just create your groups, and sub-groups, and add your users to them!

Still not convinced? Have a look at the steps:

I have tons of users to regroup. Please, help!

Got a large list of users to organize? Don’t worry!

You can make a list sheet, using one of our templates, and import it to the target group:

Please, tell me more!

Need more details? Feel free to have a look at the release notes!