Release Notes

gmsaas 1.1.0


A new command: logzip

This new command will gather all gmsaas logs into one ZIP file.

This file is named like, and generated in the current directory.

Whatever your problem is, the logs are handy to help us investigate on any issue you may have found when using our SaaS product. Just follow the steps below:

  • reproduce your issue
  • run gmsaas logzip
  • contact us with the generated ZIP archive as an attachment

gmsaas 1.0.0

A command-line tool to rule all your virtual devices, host in our Cloud SaaS solution.

Achieve all the following tasks from the command line:

  • list all your running virtual devices
  • list all the devices recipes shared with you
  • start a new device with a recipe
  • delete a running device
  • connect or disconnect adb from a running device

Getting started


Install step
pip3 install gmsaas

Configuration step
gmsaas config set android-sdk-path <AndroidSDKPath>

Options list

Lists all commands and options.
Used with any command: prints its specific help message.

Prints the current gmsaas version.

Commands list

auth [login|logout|whoami]
Manage your Genymotion Cloud SaaS credentials to access your Cloud virtual devices.

config [get|list|set]
Manage your Genymotion Cloud SaaS configuration properties.

instances [adbconnect|adbdisconnect|list|start|stop]
Manage your Android virtual devices hosted by our Genymotion Cloud SaaS solution.

recipes [list]
List all recipes to create a Android virtual device hosted by our Genymotion Cloud SaaS solution.