Release Notes

Android 12.1 image has just been updated for Genymotion Desktop.

This update includes:

  • A new Bluetooth Stack
  • An arm64 image for Mac M1/M2

New features

  • Added a new Baseband widget allowing to set Network/SIM operators properties.
  • Added KML support to GPS replay track feature.
  • Added JSON output format for the command “gmtool admin list”.


  • Improved GPS widget UX.
  • Improved event-based communication between gmtool and launchpad.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed delete shortcut icon.

Known issues

  • On Android 5, Sim Operator information requires to switch Airplane mode ON and OFF to be taken in consideration.
  • On Android 11 and inferior, MSIN will appear as invalid in the Baseband widget, remove one digit to apply further changes.

gmsaas 1.8.0 is out:

New features:

  • Added --max-run-duration option for command gmsaas instances start.
  • Added gmsaas hwprofiles get|list|create|delete commands.
  • Added gmsaas osimages get|list|clone|delete commands.
  • Added gmsaas recipes get|create|delete commands.
  • Added gmsaas instances save|saveas commands.


  • Require at least Python 3.8.
  • Marked as deprecated --stop-when-inactive option, replaced by --max-run-duration.
  • Added --out option to gmsaas logzip command.
  • Added --source option to gmsaas recipes list command.
  • Improved help wording which is now accessible with -h in addition of --help.
  • Added more details in JSON output format regarding Recipes and Instances.

Run pip3 install [--user] --upgrade gmsaas to update

For more details and usage, please refer to

Android versions

An Android 13.0 image has been released. It is only available for arm64 instances on AWS. Updates and fixes will be released with the next PaaS version, which will also be published on GCP, Azure and Alibaba.

Known issues

The following features are not available yet, or don’t function properly:

  • Using a VPN application may break the virtual device.
  • The camera app might crash.
  • SSL certificates are not working.

Manage your teams with Genymotion SaaS!

This upgrade includes several new features to easily create and manage user groups within your organization.

New features

User groups

Managers can:

  • Create user groups and sub-groups, and specify a name and a description for each of them.
  • Categorize their users in groups and sub-groups.

Import Excel sheets or CSV files

This feature allows managers to easily add large numbers of users as a list in groups:

  • From a downloadable template ; managers can fill sheets with the required information (user email, existing group name) and import it directly via the graphical interface.
  • Excel sheets (.xls, .xlsx) and CSV files are supported.

New features

  • Add Apple Silicon chip compatibility (Rosetta 2 required).
  • Add skin support and ability to use your own custom skins.
  • Add “Advanced developer tools” widget, for now it’s a quick access to most common Android developer options.
  • Add multi-display for the Android versions that support it.


  • Add refresh button on OsImage list in virtual device creation wizard.
  • Bump VirtualBox to 7.0.8 in Windows installer.

Bug fixes

  • Fix MSVCR100.dll missing error on Windows.
  • Fix virtual device memory size limitation when using Genymotion on Apple Silicon.
  • Force cold boot with QEMU when snapshot is not compatible anymore.
  • Improve quick boot reliability.

Known issues

  • Multi-display does not work properly with Android 13.
  • Skin rendering may not work properly with some multi-display configuration.
  • Skin rendering may not work properly on Linux when auto tilling is enabled in the window manager.

Want to see it in action? Have a look at this blog post.

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Personal Use - Free

Genymotion Desktop for personal use is not suitable for trial or POC: you will not get any assistance and some features will be disabled. If you have already selected “personal use” and wish to get a trial license, please contact our Sales at [email protected].

Technical support is not available with Genymotion Desktop free edition for personal use. For more details, please refer to Genymotion conditions of use (Personal Use).

The following features are not available in personal use mode:

Follow these steps to get Genymotion Desktop and activate personal use mode:

  1. Go to the Download page and get the latest version for your system.
  2. Follow the instructions from Genymotion Desktop quickstart guide to install Genymotion Desktop.
  3. Launch Genymotion and click CREATE to create an account. You should receive an activation email within an hour. If not, make sure to check your spam.
  4. After activating your account, return to Genymotion and log in with your credentials.
  5. Select personal use when prompted.
  6. Read Genymotion Desktop quickstart guide carefully to setup Genymotion for your needs.