After the huge success of the English version (more than 8,500 registrants), join us for the French one!

Discover how the exclusive new features of Genymotion Cloud can take the whole mobile application lifecycle to a new level. Build, test, flaunt and support all your Android applications thanks to our near zero touch Cloud offer.

To whom is this webinar addressed?

Genymotion already was an engineering marvel. It has solved a huge amount of business problems for many people (4.5M to be accurate). If you liked it and used it, Genymotion Cloud will be music to your ears, whether you are software developer, QA tester, UI/UX designer, customer support manager, or even part of the sales and marketing teams.

What’s the thematic?

You’re in the best position to know the issues you’re dealing with in your everyday business life. Well here’s the good news: we have the answers! This webinar will revolve around several use cases so as to to discuss about the powerful automation and collaboration features of Genymotion Cloud. No more hassle during the application lifecycle: deliver what is expected, on time, in line with your budget.