Philippe Bernery is Head of Innovation at Backelite, the French Leading Digital Service Design agency that simplifies users’ everyday life by defining, designing, implementing and optimizing their digital services, including web, mobile and connected objects and TV.

“Genymotion Cloud allows us to have more flexibility”

Companies don’t always have the time or resources to test on multiple Android versions which can be risky because bugs can remain in older Android versions. Philippe usually hires 1-2 people for each app to test on the most frequently-used OS versions and devices. “At Backelite we only have one server onsite dedicated to tests, and we can’t launch several VMs at the same time. Genymotion Cloud allows us to have more flexibility, save time and improve the quality of our apps allowing us to test more combinations of versions/devices”.

“Clients can test any device/OS version from a computer…it becomes seamless”

Philippe explains that his teams publish APKs on the company’s internal app store, so that their clients can in turn download their apps and test them on their own smartphones. But what happens if they don’t have an Android phone available? “With APK sharing on Genymotion Cloud, the client can test any device/OS version from a computer, without having to set up a real device to download, install and launch an app. With the Cloud, it becomes seamless”.

“Customers are able to experience all the value-added features directly”

Account creation can be time consuming, and customers have to go through a long sign in / sign up process that requires an ID and password: “VM sharing in Genymotion Cloud allows us to pre-configure a VM for our customers so that they are able to directly test the app running and experience all the value-added features directly”. With Genymotion Cloud, teams can optimize their app development process as a whole by involving their clients early on, making it easy for them to see how their app is going.

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