Tristram Norman is Chief Technical Officer at Simprints, a non-profit dedicated to tracking critical services through mobile biometrics. Reliable identification is lacking in many parts of the world, making it extremely difficult for health or aid workers to tell people in a crowded slum apart.

If you’re looking for a fast streamlined emulator for Android, choose Genymotion

Simprints’ app plugs into major mobile data collection platforms, allowing hundreds of organizations across the world to accurately identify patients in remote places. Genymotion’s ease of use and speed fits Simprints’ needs perfectly as they work on the go: Our solution is being developed and rigorously tested in the contexts it will be used, with the people who use it”.

Genymotion has been extremely helpful from day one…we love its ease of use

Tristram uses Genymotion for an app that connects to Simprint’s fingerprint scanner that allows patients to track their medical records. We reached out to Genymobile after we found out that they had the fastest emulators to boot up… They immediately agreed to partnering with us to support our cause”.

Simprints recently made a journey to Nepal, bringing our beloved mascots with them!

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