What is Genymotion Cloud SaaS (Software as a Service)?

Android in the cloud with powerful collaboration and automation capabilities

Automate testing

Build, test and release applications in record time, eliminating hassles and shortening time to market.


Involve all teams and receive feedback all along the app lifecycle, from inception to post-sales support.

Automate your tests, validate with confidence  and boost your time to market!

Plug Genymotion to your CI and do instrumented tests with your favorite testing framework. Detect bugs faster and earlier in your development process

  • ADB Tunnel: Execute local adb calls directly in the Cloud. It makes your custom script or any tools compatible with Genymotion Cloud SaaS.


  • Gradle plug-in: We have made it possible for you to use your Gradle build system. The Gradle plugin enables developers to automate and accelerate project builds and testing.


  • Continuous Integration Support: Compatible with on-premise CI infrastructures such as but not limited to Jenkins, Bamboo, Buildbot and TeamCity, Genymotion Cloud SaaS allows developers to test code incrementally, avoiding cost- and resource-intensive fixes in the future.


  • Compatible with most of Instrumentation frameworks: Espresso, Appium, Calabash, etc.,

Run and test on any virtualized Android operating environment

Simulate any situations or sensors easily on  virtualized Android operating environments. Developers can create a testing device, clone and share it ; install an application, run and test it against multiple device configurations without leaving their development environment.

  • GMTool: From listing available virtual devices templates, creating and running a virtual device instance in the cloud, our GMTool for the cloud lets you handle pretty much any step of your virtual device lifecycle. You will also be able to communicate with the virtual devices seamlessly as it was connected locally on your desktop with adb commands.


  • Java API: Genymotion Java API allows you to directly manipulate various virtual device sensors from your Android test programs without having to alter your main mobile application java code.

Seamless communication

Simplify your feedback process by having QA, team members, Design, Clients, and stakeholders access your app or your virtual device thanks to App and Virtual Device sharing features. Everyone have the save environment.

  • App sharing: provide instant and individualize browser based access to the most up-to-date mobile app throughout its lifecycle for review, meaning dev teams and UX or UI engineers can collaborate more easily all along the project.  Sales teams can expedite cycles by allowing potential customers to use and test an app under development without requiring additional engineering support.


  • Virtual Device Sharing: Remotely share customized virtual device configurations, allowing developers working on the same project to share identical local development environment within minutes.


Real time collaboration

Develop faster, better and more collaboratively with real-time, in browser collaboration and presentation tools. Seamlessly launch meetings, create guided tours and present your app to stakeholders.

  • Live sharing: Demo the app functionality on any Android device via any web browser, allowing sales and marketing to gather critical market feedback before the app is complete.

With all the advantage of the Cloud!

Higher performance

Easily scale to boost your test cycles and increase performance without the hassle of managing your own infrastructure!

It’s all included

No infrastructure or admin constraint

Standardized environment

All users/CI servers have the same shared environment, each one has the same settings.

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