Available as a SaaS or as Virtual Machine Images on most common cloud providers (PaaS)

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Run Android as a virtual machine in the Cloud

Android running directly as a virtual machine

No nested-virtualization to enjoy the best performance with or without a dedicated GPU

Compatibility with all testing framework such as Appium, Espresso, Robotium, etc. relying on ADB

Fully interact with the screen of your virtual device in a web browser (no plugin needed): smooth HD  and low latency streamed experience

Android device access without the complexity of managing an infrastructure by yourself

Scale your infrastructure with as many virtual devices as you need

You can run as many virtual machine as you want, according to your needs and use case. For instance, you can increase your testing capacity:

  • Test sharding: With Genymotion Cloud, you can spawn as many VM you need for the same price since one VM running for 60 minutes will cost you the same price as 6 VMs for 10 minutes. You can easily scale your infrastructure as your tests grow and always enjoy the lowest execution time with a controlled cost.


  • Parallel testing:  With Genymotion Cloud, you can spawn as many VM as you want in parallel with no additional cost, so you will not experience queues anymore. If you need to run tests, just create VMs & run your tests without waiting!


Run your automated tests and scale

Manage your virtual devices with our APIs

For advanced usage, you can use Genymotion Cloud APIs

  • HTTP API for creating/stopping devices, and instrument all sensors. With these APIs, you will be able to create a device, change its battery level or its position, trigger some clicks and then close the device.


  • Java API for instrumenting the device during your tests. If you want to test what happens in your application when the user changes his location, you can use this API to dynamically test all complex behavior you want to test.


SaaS user guide          PaaS user guide

Choose the best option for your needs

  • SaaS (Software as a Service) 

With our integrated and ready to use SaaS solution, enjoy the best performance with a dedicated GPU which reduce test time, and faster ADB using adb tunnel. You can test over 3000 configurations and it is fully compatible with all testing solutions available (jenkins, travis etc…). Plug it very easily to your CI

On demand pricing is $0.05 per minute per device


  • PaaS (Platform as a Service)

With our images available on your cloud provider (AWS, GCP, Alibaba, Azure), you can create your own infrastructure and scale & manage it as you need. Fully compatible with ADB, you can create virtual machines with or without dedicated GPU in your favorite cloud provider.

On demand pricing is $0.5 per hour per device (+ cloud providers fees)

Start enjoying Genymotion Cloud

Run your automated tests and scale              Run your app in a web browser

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PaaS user guide

SaaS user guide