What is Genymotion Cloud?

Genymotion Cloud is an online Android emulator serving as a software platform enriched with powerful collaboration and automation capabilities.


Android automation in the cloud will enable you to conduct your business on the go and at scale, so you can focus on what you do the best.


And to make it easier to rally your Android team around your app, you will be able to invite them to collaborate at every step in your app development process.

It is Android in the Cloud.
You’ll choose how you want to use it.

How do I benefit from Genymotion Cloud?

No matter what your role is – Developer, QA, UI/UX, Marketing, Sales or even Helpdesk Engineer, Genymotion Cloud will have you covered.

Android Developer

Now I can focus on what I do best – coding! Genymotion Cloud allows me to share what I am proud of with the rest of my Android team

QA Tester

The most exciting part is I can collaborate with Android developers to reproduce bugs that I find! Genymotion Cloud keeps developers honest and customers happy.

UI/UX designer

With Genymotion Cloud, no need to setup or maintain complex software to ensure my Android app offers the best end user experience!


Being able to demo Android apps to the media, analysts, influencers and potential customers before their release allows me to achieve a better market fit and customer engagement.

Helpdesk Operators

I can reproduce exactly what my customers see on their Android devices. This helps me fix problems faster, so I can handle more requests daily.


I can show the latest version of my Android product easily without having to depend on a pre-sales engineer for every demonstration!

What does Genymotion Cloud provide?


Being able to automate Android tests on Genymotion Cloud is nothing short of having your cake and eating it too! Just what level of automation would make life easier for engineering and QA?

GMTool For Genymotion Cloud

From listing available Android virtual devices templates, creating and running a virtual device instance in Genymotion cloud, our GMTool for the cloud lets you handle pretty much any step of your virtual device lifecycle. You will also be able to communicate with the Android virtual devices seamlessly with ADB commands – as if they were connected locally on your desktop.

Continuous Integration Support

Being able to use your favorite CI infrastructure with Android virtual devices hosted on Genymotion Cloud is like Christmas has come early for your engineers and QA.

Integration with IDEs

Feel free to use any popular IDEs such as Android Studio or Eclipse with Genymotion Cloud.

Gradle plugin

We have made it possible for you to use your Gradle build system with Genymotion Cloud via our Gradle plugin.

Java API

Genymotion Java API allows you to directly manipulate various virtual device sensors from your Android testing programs without having to alter your main Android application code.


Alone we are smart, together we are brilliant

Steven W. Anderson

For the first time, all stakeholders of the Android application delivery chain are able to work together easily thanks to Genymotion Cloud’s core collaborative features

Live Sharing

Demo the Android application’s functionality via any web browser, allowing sales and marketing to gather critical market feedback before the application is complete.

Android app sharing

Provide instant and individualize browser based access to your most up-to-date Android application throughout its lifecycle for review, meaning developer teams and UI/UX engineers can collaborate more easily all along the project. Sales teams can expedite cycles by allowing potential customers to use and test an Android app under development, at their leisure without requiring additional engineering support.

Android Virtual Device Sharing

Easily share custom Android virtual device configurations, allowing developers working on the same project to share identical local development environment within minutes.

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