We’re proud to announce we’re partnering up with Quamotion. More than 100 Genymotion Cloud virtual devices will be part of the next release update of Quamotion WebDriver & Quamotion Cloud ☁?

Read on to find out what’s in it for you ?


Access cloud-based Android virtual devices right from Quamotion WebDriver & Quamotion Cloud


If you’re familiar with the testing world, there’s a high chance you know Quamotion. Test automation, cloud testing, test reports… They cover a good chunk of the mobile software testing process ?

As of the next release of Quamotion WebDriver and Quamotion Cloud, things are getting pushed a lot further as our in-house cloud-based Android virtual devices will join the party! Helping you to make your app shine even more ✨


Faster testing, increased coverage… Better time to market!


In short, running our in-house Android virtual devices via Quamotion’s solutions allows you to test more often, scale your tests and, by extension, find bugs faster, reduce your testing lifecycle and then fasten your time to market. ?

? Learn more about the benefits of this cloud-based mobile test automation solution.

We’re deeply convinced Quamotion associated with Genymotion is the best combo you can get to cover the full application lifecycle ? 

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