After a few months of work, we’re proud to push live Genymotion 2.9.0! A new release bringing subtle changes but noteworthy nonetheless. Let’s start with the best ?

Android 7.1 is now available in Genymotion

Android 7.1 was initially a Google Pixel and Pixel XL exclusive. It then slowly hit Nexus devices and now it’s available right within Genymotion! As soon as the sources were released, our team got hard at work to give you access to it.

Develop and test your app by taking the most of Android Nougat 7.1! Every features and capabilities are there. Try the new app shortcuts API, tinker with the image keyboard API, or take advantage of new round icons resources.

If you don’t know where to start, take a look at Nougat 7.1 new API highlights and usage samples.

Get a taste now on virtual Nexus 6P, 5X, 6, 9 and Samsung Galaxy S6 & S7 – or create a custom device if you need specific technical features.

On a side note, we’re sorry to tell you we’re dropping Gingerbread. Despite its previous success, Android 2.3 has been limitedly used these past few years within Genymotion. Of course if you already have set up virtual devices running Gingerbread, these will be preserved.

Introducing a new trial system


You’ve been waiting for this for quite a while! You can finally try for free Genymotion in its fully featured version. Our trial system is open to everyone and gives access to all our premium features for 30 days.

Get it now at and feel free to let us know what you like and/or dislike about the additional features available ?

Also included in 2.9.0: new customizable system properties and faster cloud data transfers

4 new system property values are now available for your to edit on the go! SERIAL, TYPE, FINGERPRINT and TAGS have been added to the existing ones (namely MODEL, PRODUCT, MANUFACTURER, BOARD, BRAND, DEVICE and DISPLAY).

These will allow you to emulate physical devices behaviors more accurately.

Simply run the following command and you’ll be good to go:

gmtool admin edit <DEVICE NAME> --sysprop=<PROPERTY:VALUE>

On the cloud side, data transfers from desktop have been improved (a lot). With a few tweaks to ADB tunnel we’ve managed to make them literally 2 times faster* ? No more excuse to properly share your apps remotely!

*According to a series of benchmarks performed both in Paris and San-Francisco

What else?

You can’t call a release a “release” if it doesn’t have its usual fixes and improvements. With Genymotion 2.9.0 we’re making no exception to the rule…

Linux users rejoice! We’ve removed a few unnecessary libraries packaged with our binary file – the infamous for instance. This one and others led to system conflicts for a handful of users. This won’t happen anymore.

We’ve also updated our end user license agreement for more clarity. As we know it can be a pain to go through the whole content, we’ve summed up what’s important for you:

  • • Server-grade computing can only be allowed with Enterprise license types
  • • Free license types are only for personal and individual use

So next time you open Genymotion you’ll get a small pop-up like this:

Simply read through, click accept and you won’t see it again! If you’re having any doubts later, you can still find the same text at our Terms and Conditions page.

That’s a wrap!

Genymotion 2.9.0 is already available! Download it now on Windows, Mac, or Linux. Oh and as always, make sure you update your virtual devices too (if your license type enables it). Enjoy ?

All the changes are detailed in our release note.
We work hard to give you the best at each release. But sometimes things can simply go wrong. If you encounter any issue please send us a message or a tweet. You can also try this.