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Genymotion Desktop

Fast & easy to use Android emulator

Over 3000 Android configurations
Works on macOS, Windows & Linux

Make better apps

Create any Android device | Emulate all Android versions and screen size

  • header icon Battery

    If your app needs to react to various charge level, test it easily.

  • header icon Camera & Capture

    Use your laptop webcam as the video source or record screencasts of your virtual device.

  • header icon Disk IO throttling

    Emulate devices with slow internal storage.

  • header icon Accelerometer & Multitouch

    Forward gyroscope or multi-touch events from any Android device connected to your computer.

  • header icon GPS

    Use the GPS widget to easily develop and test your location-based apps

  • header icon Network & WiFi

    Test Wi-Fi, 4G, 3G, Edge, subway interruptions.

  • header icon Sms & Call

    Set up call or sms interruptions and see if your app reacts correctly

  • header icon Pixel Perfect

    Display your app on your computer screen exactly at the real size

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Boost your Android app development!

Android ID, IMEI

The Identifiers widget shows Device ID and Android ID numbers. You can view and edit these values at any time, without having to reboot your virtual device. You can change your virtual device’s Android ID/IMEI/MEID values on the fly. Whether to test your installation tracking system or to categorize your devices, this is a nifty and practical tool to have in your toolbox.

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Open GApps

An Open GApps widget has been added and allows you to install Google Play Services in one click. Therefore, if your app is relying  on Google Play Services you can test it and be sure it reacts as wanted.

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Clone & Reset

Customize a virtual device and clone it to serve as your baseline for other iterations and tests. Or if you wanted, you could use the factory reset tool to reset your customized device to the way it was when you first loaded it.

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Support & Documentation

Access our documentation or visit our help center for FAQs and support*.

*Support is not available for Genymotion Desktop free edition.

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