Genymotion Virtual Devices 2.16

New Genymotion Virtual Devices version 2.16 for Genymotion Desktop and Genymotion Cloud SaaS have been released.

New features

Data encryption

We have enabled file-based encryption for Android 8.0, 8.1, 9.0 and 10.

SSL VPN support

We have added support for SSL VPN client applications on Android 5.0 and higher.

Bug fixes and improvements

All Android versions

We have updated the Genymotion Java API. If you are using it, you need to update the Genymotion library.

RIL and Baseband: improved stability when changing baseband values like IMEI. Now persistent across reboots.

Other changes include:

  • GPS: add dummy satellites. Improves support of applications using location framework
  • GPS: location data are periodically reported to the framework now
  • Camera: implement autofocus
  • Audio: fix microphone sampling rate
  • Audio: increase output and input volumes
  • Copy / paste: fix empty clipboard handling
  • OpenGApps: bump to 20200606 release

Android 10.0

  • Fix Disk I/O feature. It is now applied to the system partition
  • Kiosk feature is no longer device-owner when it’s not in use: allows other device-owner applications

Android 6.0 to 9.0

  • Better OpenGL ES support: improves performance and fixes various bugs
  • Update Android System webview

Android 9.0

  • Fix AAC audio playback
  • Bump base Android version to android-9.0.0_r56

Android 7.0

  • Enable SSSE3 instruction set
  • Bump base Android version to android-7.0.0_r36

Android 5.1 and higher

  • Allows to override property

Android 4.4

  • Enable multi-user


Now available for Genymotion Desktop and Genymotion Cloud SaaS.