Not so long ago, we shipped our big 4.0 update for Genymotion on Demand (our virtual devices hosted on Amazon Web Services).

Two months later we’re back with another one! Lighter but better ?

Minor update, major improvements

First, we’ve updated WebRTC to v63! Allowing us to provide better performance, better stability and, most importantly, fix screen rotation – which was broken on Marshmallow devices run on Firefox. Hooray ?

We also made adb screenrecord work again on Lollipop and Nougat and fixed that annoying long uptime latency bug. Security-wise,shell@your_instance_ip is the new way to go (we removed root SSH login) and, for Nougat devices, USB debugging is now disabled by default – this is already the case on other AMIs but 7.0 was affected by a bug ?

One last thing… We’ve changed the wallpaper to celebrate 10 years of Android. Happy Birthday ?

We hope you like this new release as much as we do and wish you the best Genymotion experience on Amazon Web Services ? Have a look, play around and let us know what you think!

Check our release notes for more.

Wait…When can I get this?

Right now! Genymotion On Demand v4.1 is live as we speak in our AWS marketplace for every Android AMIs (Nougat, Marshmallow and Lollipop). Enjoy!

ACCESS GENYMOTION ON DEMAND v4.1     Give our Nougat 7.0 AMI a try

We strive to bring you the best emulation experience. But sometimes things can go wrong. If you encounter any issue please give us a shout and our support team will sort it out.