Not so long ago we announced Genymotion On Demand, our new pay-as-you-go cloud offering available on Amazon Web Services (AWS). This was something pretty big! For the first time in history, Android OS could be run from anywhere in the form of an Amazon Machine Image – hosted on EC2 instances.

4 months later, the time had come to push things to the next level! Here’s what it gives.

Introducing Genymotion On Demand 2.0

This second iteration is a pretty big one! 2.0 AWS virtual devices now fully support 64 bits, custom SSL certificates, toolbar toggle and Genymotion Java API – to name a few.

Most importantly, it brings Android Kiosk Modeaka single-purpose devices. You can now lock down any Android AWS EC2 instance to a single application! What’s in it for you? Well it’s now possible to embed a single Android app into any website, preventing users from sailing through Android OS as a whole – cause it’s tempting right? ? Take a look at our tutorial to see exactly how to do that.

To make this version even better, we’ve also improved the overall performance and fixed a few bugs – including the annoying SSH issues that used to happen on Windows and MacOS.

Hope you’ll like it! Read the full release note to see all the goodness that’s in there.

Lollipop joins the party ?

We took the opportunity to push a new Amazon Machine Image! Along with Android Marshmallow 6.0, you can now enjoy Android Lollipop 5.1 on Amazon AWS EC2 instances.

Of course it gets all the features available in our Marshmallow AMI – including those brought by this 2.0 update.

OK give it to me now

Well good news! Genymotion On Demand 2.0 is already available in our AWS marketplace. Both for Android Marshmallow and Lollipop instances. Give it a try!

Genymotion On Demand 2.0 – Android 5.1     Genymotion On Demand 2.0 – Android 6.0

We work hard to provide the best experience on Amazon Web Services, but sometimes things can simply go wrong. If you’re in this case please contact our support team or send us a tweet. In the meantime, have you tried turning it off and on again?