It’s this time of the year again: Hacktoberfest is back!

In the Genymotion team, we’re serious about Open Source contributions – and as every year, we’re giving the opportunity to any interested employee to participate in the event by dedicating some time to qualifying projects in a team or on their own, and making all their nerdy ideas come true…

So what’s in there? Here is a list of projects we’ll be working on this season:

Existing Projects


Command line tool for GitHub daily work

• Find a solution for the screen width issue
• Use asyncio Python API to improve performance as few commands are executing requests sequentially
• Remove Slack token support as it has been deprecated by Slack


A NES emulator written in C++ with the Qt framework. The point of this project is to better understand both how emulators and actual NES consoles work.

• The CPU, memory and (basic) rom loading are already implemented and tested
• The next step is to implement the graphics part

Pixel Wheels

Top-down retro racing game for PC (Linux, macOS, Windows) and Android. It’s about time to release the 1.0 version! Things that are still on the TO-DO list:

• Add Android TV support
• Finish score table rework


Qt-based log file viewer. Can be used, for example, to inspect Genymotion Desktop logs…

• Setup continuous integration
• Implement log filtering (aka grep) in addition to log highlighting


Process monitor in Rust – will automatically notify of finished Android builds.

• Finish configuration loading implementation
• Modularize parts of the code
• Allow running on a remote machine through SSH?
• Think about plugins?


Bot for SteamGift

• Improve scrapper parsing handling
• Add a game age limit on non-whishlist auto-join
• Add sleep mode, limit auto-join when you’re supposed to be sleeping
• Add Statistics


Python cross-platform library / game engine for terminal-based games.

• Develop an ANSI sequence based sprite editor (hell yeah!)
• Improve performances
• Refactor part of the library
• Add a particle system
• AI: add more pathfinding algorithms
• AI: add behaviors to NPCs (like attack, talk, etc.)
• Add a random terrain generator based on OpenSimplex
• Make the game’s board 3D

Project Ideas

• Blockchain: Basic blockchain for educational purpose that could be consise and insightful for all
• ADB tool: Wrapper around adb making adb results easily parseable. Example: parse `adb dumpsys` and provide a usable output
• Undercranker: software-controlled intervallometer to produce timelapses from a Rpi Camera/webcam and potentially DLSR. Goal would be to run it from a raspberry pi and have a web interface to control it
Incremental Game: React-based incremental game working in a browser