Ensuring the best time performance for our users has always been a major focus for the Genymotion team; in fact, we’ve created Android Virtual Devices in the Cloud precisely because they allow better time performance over physical devices, at a lower cost, in most cases.

In this line, we’re introducing for the first time our version of Genymotion Android 8.0 Virtual Devices on ARM Graviton instances on the AWS Marketplace. The AWS Graviton 2 ARM instances are seeing up to 70% better time performance, so we were obviously very keen to deploy Genymotion on them. But there’s more to it; it’s not only about the economics.

Indeed, since Android is originally built on ARM, providing the ability to execute native Android applications without the need to install binary translation tools will recreate a native user experience of Android and therefore is excellent news for all Android developers and QA engineers.

With Genymotion on the new AWS ARM instances (M6g), developers will enjoy:

– Lower price, for up to 70% better performance as x86

– Native Android experience: no need to install ARM translation anymore

– No nested virtualization for best performances

– Ability to spawn both x86-64 or ARM-64 instances 

– Available on AWS EC2 and fully compatible with the entire AWS ecosystem

As usual on AWS, it’s self-service and there is a free trial, so please test it and let us know what you think!

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