Genymotion is happy to announce that our Virtual Devices will be available on ARM-based servers this year!

Android teams will be able to seamlessly develop, test, and deploy applications on the same processor architecture as their ‘target’ mobile processor SOC, eliminating the need for cross-development and translation of x86 and Arm instruction sets.

Through enhanced compatibility compared with x86 servers, both developers and DevOps / QA teams will benefit from:

– Higher performance
– Lower complexity

Which in turn will reduce costs and speed time-to-market. More specifically, Android teams will be able to cover more code with more tests on virtual devices running on native Arm processors, reducing the testing time required to push to production.

Currently, we are seeing as much as three to five times higher density and higher streaming quality on this generation of ARM-based servers. Android In the Cloud (AIC) is hence a natural workload on ARM-based servers to showcase the benefits of ARM processors with no requirement for recompilation or translation of the software.

We’ll keep you posted as our first Virtual Devices get published on ARM, and as usual, are looking forward to hearing your feedbacks! Here is our full Press Release.