Today Genymotion Cloud SaaS offers a new plan to make application developers, QA testers, support agents, gamers, well, all Android users’ lives even easier.

For only $0.05 per minute per device you can run Android devices in the Cloud.

Create your account now and get 60 minutes of running time for free.
No commitments, no hidden fees!

Genymotion Cloud SaaS brings you the best Android In the Cloud (AIC) solution.


Scalable: run as many instances as you want. 

Powerful: simultaneous executions with no performance drop, in a hardware-accelerated environment.

Easy like a plugged-in device: fully interact with it through adb.
Your virtual devices integrate seamlessly in all QA, CI/CD or development environments.

Yet way more customizable: live change any device parameters (GPS, screen position, battery, network, identifiers, camera, clipboard, volume, and more), install your own APK or any app from OpenGApps, upload files to the device or flash its content, with a simple drag-and-drop action.

All-round configurations: pick from our device templates list, with various screen size, aspect ratios, and Android versions (starting from 4.4.4).

Devices management at its best: manage virtual devices with our web interface, our dedicated command-line tool gmsaas, and our public API.


Learn all about what you can do with Genymotion SaaS on our documentation website!

How to get started?

Just create an account at
Subscribe to our new pay-as-you-go plan

The first 60 minutes are on us!
You will be able to run up to two concurrent virtual devices by default.

Want a custom plan?

Feel free to contact us and we will tailor the experience that best suits your needs.