We are glad to announce that Genymotion Cloud SaaS is now available to Circle CI users for continuous testing!

Efficiently testing mobile apps at every stage of the application lifecycle is challenging, even more with Android fragmented market. Many companies are adopting tools to help them create, automate and orchestrate tests on mobile devices. Among them are continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) tools. Having a CI tool isn’t enough, we also need devices to run tests on. By partnering with CircleCI, we help providing the full continuous integration workflow.

Genymotion Cloud SaaS provides Android virtual devices on the Cloud with various configurations and Android versions. CircleCI is a cloud continuous integration server to help teams get faster builds, shorter feedback lifecycles and simplified pipeline maintenance.
The integration of Genymotion Cloud SaaS is now available on CircleCI as an Orb, so QA engineers can now easily integrate Genymotion Cloud in their test cases on CircleCI and reuse jobs, commands and executors to run their test on chosen devices.

Please check out our complete tutorial for a step-by-step description of how to run your tests on our Android virtual devices within CircleCI!