We’re happy and proud to announce our partnership with GDG DevFest Baltics!

This conference planned for November 17 in Riga (Latvia) will cover a good amount of mobile development subjects – including Android of course but also UI/UX, AI, VR, AR and a whole lot more!

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Psst! Enter the code GenymotionRocks for a little discount!

Around 200 attendees are expected for a total of 15 sessions animated by many rockstar speakers! To name a few: Cesar Valiente (Microsoft), Fernando Cejas (Soundcloud) and Antonio Leiva (Plex) – also known as the author of “Kotlin for Android Developers”

But let’s get to the meat of things (swag and prize)

If you’re planning to attend this major event (which you definitely should if you’re around), we’ve prepared a few surprises for you.

First, you’ll find many goodies & Genymotion swag on the spot ???

Even better, we’re giving away 3 licenses* ??️

Watch out during the event as a quiz link will be provided. It will contain 3 questions related to DevFest Baltics, Android and us! We can’t tell you more for now, but make sure you write down your ticket order reference in a safe place ?

Results will be announced during the conference. Meanwhile, take a look at GDG DevFest Baltics official website and drop them a word on Facebook and Twitter.

Good luck everyone ? Enjoy the event ✌️

*1-year Genymotion Business licenses valid from November 17, 2017. 1 per entrant.