San Francisco, April 30, 2019: Industry-leading provider of Android emulation solutions, Genymobile, announced today that its cloud-based Android emulation service, Genymotion Cloud has clocked more than 4 million hours of usage since its launch in November 2016. To help the company capitalize on the recent growth, and navigate its efforts to the next-level, they have brought on a new CEO, an industry veteran, and someone who has previously led innovative teams at Facebook, Tim Danford.

As the flagship product of Genymobile, Genymotion Cloud has experienced tremendous levels of growth. With a near 20% compounded monthly growth rate (CMGR), there are currently over 2,000 developers using the emulator on just Amazon Web Services (AWS) marketplace alone to build and deliver Android applications to their customers.

Adoption of the cloud-based solution, Genymotion Cloud is growing across the Android testing and QA (Quality Assurance) ecosystem as it enables developers and QA engineers to scale their automated tests and reduce time-to-market of their applications. Genymotion Cloud easily integrates into development and test automation frameworks, and the most popular Continuous Integration (CI) servers such as Jenkins and Cucumber via a unique, cloud scale implementation of Android Debug Bridge (ADB).

Notable customers using Genymotion Cloud include Yammer and BlackBerry Messenger (BBM). Yammer (Microsoft), a customer since September 2017, uses Genymotion Cloud SaaS daily to test their mobile apps and has spent over 200,000 hours on the platform. Test Engineers at Yammer find virtual devices to be much faster to use than device farms where device availability is longer.

Additionally, BBM successfully migrated their Android Continuous Integration development environment to the cloud using Genymotion and uses over 450 hours of Android virtual device emulation every day.

“Genymotion Cloud is very reliable and scalable. We can create, start, and destroy emulators quickly, easily, and reliably. We run dozens of sessions of instrumented, automated tests reliably at scale every day. It also provides tools that are easy to use and has all the necessary functionality we need to achieve what we want to do.”, says Sen from Engineering team at BBM.

To drive this continued growth of Genymotion Cloud the company recently appointed Tim Danford as Chief Executive Officer and Chairman to steer its expansion in the cloud.

Arnaud Dupuis, founder and CTO of Genymobile says “I’m pleased to welcome Tim as our CEO. He has been an active advisor to Genymobile since 2013 and understands the company and the market very well. He brings deep experience in mobile and cloud technologies. Tim has a proven track record as an entrepreneur and most recently led innovative teams at Facebook. Tim’s vision and execution track record is exactly what we need as we unfold the next chapter of growth with Genymotion Cloud.”

“I’m excited to join the company at a time when Genymotion is scaling on the cloud. We are already seeing double digit growth with early customer access across Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Alibaba Cloud. We will focus on exploring new ways to use the service and work on improving developer and QA experience by integrating better with existing tools and frameworks used by our customers. We intend to be a big part of Android Pyramidal Testing in the cloud”, says Danford, who was a Director at Facebook Connectivity Lab prior to joining Genymobile.

Genymotion Cloud is becoming an integral part of the testing tool stack at leading innovative tech companies like Blackberry Messenger, Starling Bank, Toast, Microsoft and more.

If you would like to learn more about Genymotion Cloud, please visit It can also be accessed through popular cloud marketplaces like AWS Marketplace, Google Cloud Platform, and Alibaba Cloud.


About Genymobile

Founded in 2011, Genymobile has offices in Paris, Lyon and San Francisco. Their flagship product, Genymotion Desktop Android Emulator has over 8 million users from over 100 countries and continues to be the most popular Android application development and test solution. Genymotion Cloud is available as SaaS or PaaS on popular marketplaces like AWS, GCP, and Alibaba Cloud. Today, our cloud solution enables Android app developers to scale their automated tests and reduce time-to-market of their apps which has made it an integral part of the testing tool stack at innovative tech companies like Microsoft, Twitter, Toast, HBO, Blackberry Messenger, and more.