Genymotion Desktop 3.7.1 is out!

MobSF and Genymotion Device Image

In this tutorial, it is assumed that you are familiar with MobSF and you are using it from a physical local machine. For detailed information about MobSF, please refer to MobSF documentation.


Setup your Genymotion instance

1. Quickstart

Before proceeding, please read Genymotion Device image (PaaS) Requirements carefully.

Then, refer to Genymotion Device image Quickstart to get started with Genymotion for your Cloud provider (AWS, GCP, Alibaba or MS Azure).

2. Network

Your instance must have a Public IP or it will not be reachable from your local machine. This IP will change every time the instance is shutdown and booted.

If you wish to keep the same Public IP, we recommend using a persistent public IP, such as Elastic IP if you are using AWS.

3. Security / Firewall

MobSF uses adb to communicate with Genymotion instance via TCP port 5555.

So, add an inbound rule to your EC2 firewall/security to open TCP port 5555 for your local machine IP only:

AWS security settings inbound rules


Do not allow TCP connections to port 5555 from anyone ( ADB connection is not secure and opening TCP port 5555 to all may compromise your instance integrity and security! Only allow inbound connections from your local machine IP.

4. Enable ADB

You need to enable ADB on your Genymotion instance:

  1. Access your Genymotion instance display
  2. Go to Configuration and Enable ADB
Genymotion Device Image Configuration screen, "ADB" section.

For more details and alternate methods, please refer to How to enable ADB?

Setup MobSF

From your local machine, ensure that you can connect to your Genymotion instance via adb:

adb connect <public_ip>:5555
adb devices

For example:

$ adb connect
connected to
$ adb devices
List of devices attached device

You can now perform MobSF Dynamic Analysis with your Genymotion instance.

If Dynamic Analyzer doesn’t detect the instance, you need to manually configure ANALYZER_IDENTIFIER in <user_home_dir>/.MobSF/, or via environment variable ANALYZER_IDENTIFIER, with the instance public IP.

For example:


If MobSF cannot detect adb, you need to configure ADB_BINARY in <user_home_dir>/.MobSF/

For example:

ADB_BINARY = '/Applications/'

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Desktop Platform

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How to get a quote for multiple Business Licenses?

  1. You need a Genymotion Desktop account. If you haven’t one yet, you can create it here.
  2. After creation and activation, or if you already have an account, follow this link.
  3. Add the number of desired licenses to your shopping cart and click “Continue to Billing”
  4. Add a shipping address, or select one if you already created one.
  5.  In the next page, click “Get a quote”:
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  6. A quote will be automatically generated in PDF format.

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Personal Use - Free

Genymotion Desktop for personal use is not suitable for trial or POC: you will not get any assistance and some features will be disabled. If you have already selected “personal use” and wish to get a trial license, please contact our Sales at [email protected].

Technical support is not available with Genymotion Desktop free edition for personal use. For more details, please refer to Genymotion conditions of use (Personal Use).

The following features are not available in personal use mode:

Follow these steps to get Genymotion Desktop and activate personal use mode:

  1. Go to the Download page and get the latest version for your system.
  2. Follow the instructions from Genymotion Desktop quickstart guide to install Genymotion Desktop.
  3. Launch Genymotion and click CREATE to create an account. You should receive an activation email within an hour. If not, make sure to check your spam.
  4. After activating your account, return to Genymotion and log in with your credentials.
  5. Select personal use when prompted.
  6. Read Genymotion Desktop quickstart guide carefully to setup Genymotion for your needs.

Individual Offer Order

This offer is strictly reserved for personal use or individual workers (freelancers).

Educational Offer Order

The Educational subscription is restricted to:

  • schools, teachers or students who wish to use Genymotion Desktop for tuition
  • students who wish to use Genymotion Desktop for a school project

It is subject to valid proof (student card, teacher card, etc.)