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Use Burp Suite with Genymotion Device Image


  • Burp suite
  • Android SDK platform-tools (adb)
  • openssl (optional)

Step 1 – Setting up Burp Suite

Go to the proxy tab then the options tab. Add a new listener on all interfaces on whatever port you’d like.

Here, we will choose 8080:

  • Click import/export CA certificate > Export > Certificate in DER format
  • Choose a path and name it anything with a .cer extension
  • Click Next


We will use the name Burp_cert.cer as an example for this tutorial.

Step 2 – Upload and install the Burp Suite Certificate

Method 1 – Install as a user certificate

  1. Spin up an instance.
  2. Drag’n drop the Burp_cert.cer file you generated to the device display.
  3. Go to Android Settings and search install a certificate. In the results, click Install certificates from SD Card and select CA certificate. Click install anyway to bypass the warning.
  4. Navigate to /sdcard/Download and click on Burp_cert.cer.
  5. If you are using Android 9 or below, you may be requested to set a secure lock screen. Comply and set a lock:
Android Encryption & credentials options screen

To verify whether the certificate is properly installed, go to Android settings, search and click Trusted credentials. You should see the certificate in the USER tab:

Trusted credentials screen from Android.

Method 2 – Install as a system-level trusted CA


This method is for advanced users and may break the Android system: it should only be considered as last resort if Method 1 fail. Use at your own risks!

1. Convert the certificate

First, we need to convert Burp certificate into PEM format. Use openssl to convert DER to PEM:

openssl x509 -inform DER -in Burp_cert.cer -out Burp_cert.pem

and output the subject_hash_old:

openssl x509 -inform PEM -subject_hash_old -in Burp_cert.pem |head -1

Then, rename the file with the output hash from the last command. For example, if the hash is 9a5ba575, rename the file as 9a5ba575.0:

mv Burp_cert.pem 9a5ba575.0

2. Install the certificate

Spin up your instance and connect it to ADB.

Then, Upload and install the .0 certificate:

# remount the system partition
adb remount
# Upload the certificate
adb push <cert>.0 /system/etc/security/cacerts/
# Change the certificate permissions
adb shell chmod 664 /system/etc/security/cacerts/<cert>.0

For example, with the 9a5ba575.0 certificate:

adb remount
adb push 9a5ba575.0 /system/etc/security/cacerts/
adb shell chmod 664 /system/etc/security/cacerts/9a5ba575.0

Then, reboot the device.

After the device reboots, browsing to Settings -> Security -> Trusted Credentials should show the new “Portswigger CA” as a system trusted CA:

Android Trusted credentials page

Step 3 – Set Android global proxy to Burp Suite proxy


If the global proxy is still set after rebooting ot stopping the instance, Internet (Wifi) will be unavailable the next time a device is started from this recipe. To avoid this, make sure to unset the global proxy before. See “Disable global proxy” section.

If you haven’t already done it, connect the instance to ADB.

Next, use ADB to set port 3333 but you can use any other port as long as it is available:

adb shell settings put global http_proxy localhost:3333

Finally, bind Burp proxy to the device proxy configuration with adb reverse. We setup Burp suite to use port 8080, so we will bind the device pxoxy to this port:

adb reverse tcp:3333 tcp:8080

From there, your instance network should be intercepted by Burp suite.

Disable global proxy

Before stopping or rebooting the instance, make sure to disable the global proxy or the Internet connection may be unavailable the next time you start it:

adb shell settings put global http_proxy :0

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