Genymotion Desktop 3.7.1

Bug Fixes

Genymotion Desktop 3.7.1 fixes a regression introduced by Genymotion Desktop 3.7.0.

The bug is related to Virtual Device deployment when installing Genymotion Desktop 3.7.0 for the first time, see the following summary to know if you have been impacted:

Creating a virtual device workedThis situation is rare but may occur, especially on Linux systems.
Install 3.7.1 and re-create your Virtual Device.
Remove the folder of your Virtual Device located in the working directory at the time you’ve used Desktop 3.7.0.
Creating a virtual device failedInstall 3.7.1 and it will work.


This bug only affects fresh Genymotion Desktop installs. You should not have any issues if you upgraded from a previous Genymotion Desktop version.