Genymotion Desktop 3.1.1 beta 1 (June 11, 2020)

Genymotion Desktop now supports VirtualBox 6.1 on Windows. This was a long-standing issue but a workaround for the problems we encountered with VirtualBox 6.1 host-only interfaces on Windows has been found.

We also fixed an issue with heterogeneous-density multi-screen setups: rotating the device would cause the display to be zoomed.

On Linux, new devices are now configured to use PulseAudio, improving sound support.

Using the mouse wheel on high-precision touchpads such as Macbook touchpads or Magic Mouse no longer causes super-fast and jittery scrolling.

The “rotation setangle” Genyshell command behavior was surprising: the new accelerometer value was correctly sent but the display would not rotate. Now the display rotates whenever the accelerometer value changes, as you would expect. This also applies to the remote-control feature.

Finally, we added support for Socks5 proxies.