Genymotion Cloud PaaS 1.0 (November 4th, 2016)

Android versions

AMI available for Marshmallow (some other Android versions are coming soon)


– SSH access using your AWS key pair
– Emulator can be displayed in a set of compatible web browsers: chrome, opera


– Multitouch
– Basic authentication to access the web interface (by default login: genymotion / password: <instance_id>)
– Basic authentication can be modified or disabled with command line
– Widgets available from the toolbar:

  • Rotation
  • GPS: to change/emulate the location of your device
  • SMS & call emulation: set up sms / call interruption
  • Android ID: you can change your virtual device’s Android ID/IMEI/MEID on the fly
  • Battery: emulate various charge levels
  • File upload
  • Resolution: change the resolution of your device

– APK installation from file upload widget, drag & drop or adb
– OpenGApps installation from file upload, drag & drop or adb
– ADB can be enabled / disabled (disabled by default) and tunneled with ssh

Known issue

– Camera is not supported yet