Genymotion 1.3.0 (September 25th, 2013)

Migration from v1.2.1

  • To use the new features, you must deploy new virtual devices again after upgrading to Genymotion v1.3.0. All previous virtual devices deployed with Genymotion v1.2.1 will continue to work but without the new features.

New features

Camera widget

You can now use this widget to send a video stream to the front and back Android cameras.
For more information, please refer to the User Guide, section Camera.


Send statistics about Genymotion software

This new version now includes usage statistics which are sent to Genymotion servers (software version, virtual devices downloads, virtual devices usage)All data being anonymized before being sent, they cannot be linked to your user account. If you don’t want us to collect statistics, you can opt-out in the Genymotion settings.


  • On workstations with some Intel GPU, the Genymotion virtual device display could be flickering. This issue is fixed
  • On some window managers (KDE for example) using custom text colors, parts of the Genymotion application were not visible or too little. This issue is fixed
  • Some battery widget messages have been removed from Android logs