Genymotion 1.2.1 (September 3rd, 2013)

Migration from v1.1.0

  • To use the new features, you must deploy new virtual devices again after upgrading to Genymotion v1.2.1. All previous virtual devices deployed with Genymotion v1.1.0 will continue to work but without new features

New features

Multi-touch gestures
  • You can now use zoom gestures using mouse events:
    • Right click + Move left: Zoom in
    • Right click + Move right: Zoom out
    • Right click + Move up: Tilt forth
    • Right click + Move down: Tilt back
    • Shift + Right click + Move left: Rotate Left
    • Shift + Right click + Move right: Rotate Right
Automatic management of Genymotion software updates
  • The Genymotion software can detect whether a new version is available.
    • When a new version is available, a notification will be shown.
    • Notifications can be disabled.
Virtual keyboard
  • You can now activate the virtual keyboard in the virtual device settings.


  • If we cannot use CPU virtualization option to launch a multi-CPU virtual device, then Genymotion will force number of CPUs to 1 to make it work anyway
  • Fix paid app installation not working on Android 4.2 due to internal storage
  • Last version of Google Maps does not crash anymore with Genymotion
  • Improved precision on GPS widget fields to use 10 digits, especially when working with latitudes greater than 100°
  • Proxy settings are now applied globally and features such as GPS widget will run through an HTTP proxy