BlaBlaCar is the world’s largest long-distance ridesharing and local travel community with over 25 million members across 22 countries.

“Genymotion is part of my daily tools”

Alexandra Tritz is a mobile application developer at BlaBlaCar along with 7 other Android developers. When she joined the company two years ago the development team was already using Genymotion. Since then, she uses this tool daily in her work: “Genymotion is so much faster than Google’s Android emulator and saves me a lot of time. I like the emulator performance you get with Genymotion and the integration with the OS… I’d say my favorite Genymotion feature is the drag-and-drop of APK files because of its practicality”.

“Genymotion saves us from having to buy all kinds of devices”

With over 15 million app downloads, Alexandra and her team need to make sure that their app works on all combinations of Android versions and devices. “Some devices are so old that you cannot find them on the market anymore. This is the biggest problem that Genymotion solves for me: it can test an “infinite” amount of combinations, and I don’t have to worry about finding old versions of any device”.

Video capture is really helpful for teams working remotely

When you’re a company as big as BlaBlaCar, you have teams in different parts of the world. “With the video capture feature, remote teams can easily share their work with other offices. Thanks to visualization, the validation is faster and teams can move on to the next steps faster.”

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