Genymotion Desktop 3.7.1 is out!

Genymotion receives “AWS Graviton Ready” status

A year ago, and after 4 years of successful cooperation with AWS already, we launched our first Android 8.0 Virtual Devices on an ARM Graviton instance. Since then, we have added Android 7.0, 9.0, 10.0 and 11.0 and ramped up our offer. And today, we achieved the AWS “Graviton Ready” status, a technical recognition that our solution is fully following AWS best practices in terms of architecture, software robustness, reliability and customer success. In short… we’ve got a great product!

At this occasion, we want to thank the numerous users who have adopted and extensively used Genymotion on Graviton since last year, hence contributing to demonstrate to the AWS team the value of our solution. Usage growth as well as positive feedback has meant a ton to us, but also for our partners at AWS. Haven’t tried Genymotion on Graviton yet? Now that you know we’re bullet-proof, it’s time!

So what’s in there? First, you probably know it, we’re a suite of Android Virtual Devices, in the Cloud. On AWS, you can start and stop as many devices as you want in parallel to run and automate Android tests; devices can be controlled through ADB, AWS API and ssh access, which means you can virtually use it for any use case – the only limit is your imagination!

Now, Graviton! Genymotion on ARM instances means you are working with a native Android environment, eliminating the need for translation tools. With better compatibility and reduced complexity, you spend less time making things work, but also enjoy better performances, which ultimately means a lower price.

Want to check it out? Easy – All versions are self-service and get a free trial!

Choosing Genymotion means getting access to an ever-evolving suite of Android Virtual Devices which is keeping up with market trends at the speed of light; we thrive to deploy new versions of Android as quickly as possible, as well as make our devices available on the latest AWS instances, to offer our customers the most advanced solutions on the market. Stay tuned! AWS just released its first NVIDIA GPU-accelerated Arm-based instances, and we’re already working on it!

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  1. You need a Genymotion Desktop account. If you haven’t one yet, you can create it here.
  2. After creation and activation, or if you already have an account, follow this link.
  3. Add the number of desired licenses to your shopping cart and click “Continue to Billing”
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Genymotion Desktop for personal use is not suitable for trial or POC: you will not get any assistance and some features will be disabled. If you have already selected “personal use” and wish to get a trial license, please contact our Sales at [email protected].

Technical support is not available with Genymotion Desktop free edition for personal use. For more details, please refer to Genymotion conditions of use (Personal Use).

The following features are not available in personal use mode:

Follow these steps to get Genymotion Desktop and activate personal use mode:

  1. Go to the Download page and get the latest version for your system.
  2. Follow the instructions from Genymotion Desktop quickstart guide to install Genymotion Desktop.
  3. Launch Genymotion and click CREATE to create an account. You should receive an activation email within an hour. If not, make sure to check your spam.
  4. After activating your account, return to Genymotion and log in with your credentials.
  5. Select personal use when prompted.
  6. Read Genymotion Desktop quickstart guide carefully to setup Genymotion for your needs.

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This offer is strictly reserved for personal use or individual workers (freelancers).

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  • schools, teachers or students who wish to use Genymotion Desktop for tuition
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It is subject to valid proof (student card, teacher card, etc.)