Today is the day: Genymotion is now live on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)! This is the 5th platform where we have deployed Genymotion device images, after Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Azure, and Alibaba Cloud.

If you have followed the launch of OCI, you know that this is a *slightly* big deal because they feature Ampere Computing platform, based on Arm. This means your Android virtual devices will run natively on Arm, hence providing both better raw performance, and a smoother user experience as there won’t be any need for Arm translation tools. Want to check it out?

About a year ago, we started deploying our device images to Arm infrastructure and witnessed improved performance in pretty much all tested use cases. Besides, higher density also means that you will likely decrease your spending. Speaking of which: we’re flexible! Genymotion virtual devices are priced on-demand, per hour – no strings attached!

For more in-depth information on our product on Oracle Marketplace, please refer the official announcement published earlier this year, and stay tuned: we will shortly produce tutorials and other materials to help you make the most of the platform.

QA, DevOps, Android developers: we got you covered! You can now develop and test natively on Android and integrate Genymotion virtual devices into your Continuous Integration processes and workflows. As usual, do not hesitate to send us feedback through our Contact Form or on Twitter, and spread the word!