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Genymotion Integrates Applitools Visual AI to Help Android Engineers Scale Automated Visual Tests Across Every Android Device

SAN FRANCISCO, June 13, 2019  — Genymotion, an industry-leading provider of cloud-based Android emulation and VMI solutions, today announced the integration of Applitools, the leading provider of AI Powered end-to-end Visual Testing and Monitoring, to allow users to scale automated visual testing through the Genymotion Cloud. The new integration is a perfect union of these two offerings, making it easy for Applitools users to scale their visual tests using Genymotion Cloud virtual devices, and for Genymotion’s eight million Android developers and QA professionals to add AI Powered automated visual testing to its cloud-based emulation and CDI solution for testing on all Android devices at the same time.

The integration will be demonstrated at the 2019 Appium Conference, in Bengaluru, India. Genymotion and Applitools are both sponsors of the Appium Conference, held June 13-15, 2019. 

With AI Powered Automated Visual Testing integrated into the Genymotion Cloud, engineers can parallelize app tests across all Android devices at once, in order to detect all bugs — including visual and functional bugs identified via Visual AI — early and easily in the test cycle. 

Digital Transformation has created the need for QA engineers to test their mobile applications on a large number of Android devices and screen sizes quickly, which is hard to scale with actual physical devices. Using Genymotion Cloud in combination with Applitools’ automated visual testing suite, Android developers speed up their parallel tests, accelerate releases and simultaneously improving the quality of their Android applications.


Getting Started is Easy:

  1. Write your Appium tests using the Applitools SDK for Appium to take screenshots for visual testing
  2. Launch Genymotion Cloud devices using their command line interface
  3. Run your Appium scripts to run visual tests 

To get started with Genymotion and the Applitools extension, visit ( 

Genymotion Cloud is a powerful Android emulator on cloud to run and scale automated tests, and reduce time-to-market of apps. With flexible per-minute pricing, QA professionals and test automation engineers have the ability to manage their testing costs by scaling up or down the number of devices. Register on Genymotion Cloud to try its solution for free, no contract.

“Applitools is the clear leader in the Automated Visual Testing space as a result of its industry-leading Visual AI technology, and we are excited that their suite of application visual management solutions is now available to Genymotion Cloud users,” said Tim Danford, CEO at Genymotion. “Engineers who need to scale their testing can now take advantage of the opportunity to save time and get their product to market quicker than ever before.”

Learn how to run Applitools visual tests on Genymotion Cloud virtual devices

Applitools helps developers, test automation engineers, QA professionals, and DevOps teams automatically run visual tests at scale across every app, browser, OS, and screen size through its AI powered end-to-end visual testing and monitoring solution.

“I am glad that these two industry-leading technologies have integrated in order to bring Android Developers the value of automated visual testing combined with the Genymotion Cloud,” said Gil Sever, CEO of Applitools. “Visual AI is the only way for developers to visually validate every screen of the native Android applications quickly and accurately to support faster releases at a higher quality than ever before.”  

Learn more about how to use Genymotion Cloud, Appium, and Applitools to visually test Android apps.

“I’m happy to see Applitools and Genymotion working together to lower the barrier to entry for mobile automated visual testing,” said Jonathan Lipps, Architect of the Appium project and Founder of AppiumPro. “As someone who’s focused on making it easier for the world to achieve all kinds of mobile automation, I appreciate how this integration will put easy distributed visual testing within the grasp of every tester using tools they’re already familiar with.” 


Join a webinar presented by Jonathan Lipps titled, “Easy Distributed Visual Testing for Mobile Apps and Sites” and learn how to easily parallelize your tests across all Android devices at once, in order to quickly detect bugs and spend less time on test runs. The webinar will take place on Tuesday, July 9 at 10 am PDT (1 pm EDT / 6 pm UK). To register, visit: ( )


About Genymotion

Founded in 2011, Genymotion has offices in Paris, Lyon and San Francisco. Their flagship product, Genymotion Cloud is available as SaaS or PaaS on popular marketplaces like AWS, GCP, Microsoft Azure and Alibaba Cloud. Genymotion Cloud enables Android app developers to scale their automated tests and reduce the time-to-market of their apps. Their Desktop solution, Genymotion Desktop Android Emulator, has over 8 million users from over 100 countries and continues to be the most popular Android application development and test solution. 

Genymotion is an integral part of testing tool stack at innovative tech companies including Facebook and Microsoft, Twitter, HBO, and more. To learn more, please visit  


About Applitools 

Applitools provides a state-of-the-art AI-powered end-to-end visual testing and monitoring platform for Developers, Test Automation, Manual QA, DevOps, and Digital Transformation teams. Our Visual AI technology transforms how organizations approach quality by ensuring web and mobile applications appear and operate exactly as designed across any device, browser, OS, or native application. Applitools is fast, quick to integrate with any DevOps environment, easy to use by anyone on the team, and scalable to any size organization looking to increase speed and quality with every release – an outcome necessary to compete in today’s challenging business environment. 


Hundreds of companies from a range of verticals, including Fortune 100 firms in software, banking, insurance, retail, and pharmaceuticals, use Applitools to deliver the best possible digital experiences to their customers. Applitools is headquartered in San Mateo, California, with an R&D center in Tel Aviv, Israel. For more information, please visit

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