*Genymotion on Demand has been renamed Genymotion Cloud.

Our “on demand” Genymotion Cloud offer already accessible on Amazon Web Services, is now also available on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). And since good news never come alone, we managed to improve by up to 4 the performance thanks to some fixes. Enjoy!

Genymotion Cloud is now accessible on Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

As we encounter a real success on AWS, reaching the 1M hours of use, it was obvious to also release Genymotion Cloud on GCP in order to address the needs of developers and testers who use this cloud provider for their infrastructure!

You can now enjoy cloud-based Android emulators with a per-second billing system to build, test, deliver and run high quality apps!

Access Genymotion Cloud on GCP


As a reminder, Genymotion Cloud addresses different use cases (such as functional & performance monitoring, security testing, advertising, etc.) but one of the most important is that it allows to automate your tests on multiple virtual Android devices in parallel and at a very large scale, thus contributing to reduce your test lifecycle! It includes the features below:

– Real-time in-browser streaming display
– Compatibility with Google Play Services
– Sensors (GPS, Accelerometer, Battery, Disk, Network, Calls & Texts)
– Several Android versions (from Lollipop to Nougat)
– Java API
– Webcam as a Camera
– Sound Support
– GPU or Soft rendering
– Compatibility with SSH and ADB
– Kiosked application

The product is already available on Google Cloud Launcher:

Genymotion Cloud on GCP
Android 5.1 (lollipop)
     Genymotion Cloud on GCP
Android 6.0 (marshmallow)
    Genymotion Cloud on GCP
Android 7.0 (nougat)


Enjoy better performances!

– We’ve improved graphic performances by up to 4 compared to older versions and you can also access to GRID instances, perfect for apps with intense graphic UI!

– We have added a screencast option on our capture widget so that you can record videos.

– And finally, we have been able to make the Opens GApps installation easier and fixed some bugs. You’ll find more details in our release notes.

Access Genymotion Cloud on GCP           Access Genymotion Cloud on AWS