Hello World, this is a major release!

We’ve been working on it for quite a long time, and it will make a big difference for each of our users, since it also includes a full revamp of our UI based on Material Design. Obviously, new, cool features are also on the menu! Let’s see what we have for you:


Smoother User Experience


To improve the User Experience for all our users, we worked hard and came up with a brand new, sleek interface developed with Material Design. Those who have already used the SaaS version of Genymotion Cloud might already be familiar with it…

The new interface also has dynamic filters to help you find your devices and templates in a click, and sortable lists, this way you don’t spend time retrieving your work and can focus on what really matters: producing and testing wonderful apps, of course 🙂


Updates to the most recents standards


To stay up to speed with what’s new in the tech world, we’ve also updated some of the tools that Genymotion is based on.

– The version of VirtualBox bundled in the Windows installer has been updated to 5.2.22

– The Map widget has been updated Google map provider to Mapbox

Oh, and, of course, Genymotion 3.0 comes with Android 9.0 Pie!


Access to all features in the “Personal Use” version

That’s… right. All features of Genymotion Desktop have been made available in our free version, Genymotion for Personal Use. Yay!


Also, a short reminder that this version applies only if you use Genymotion for a non-professional activity. Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for more details on this.



We hope you’ll enjoy this new version of Genymotion and the Genymotion team wishes you a wonderful Christmas!

As usual, you can browse our release note for all the technical details. Happy holiday!