EDIT 2: Genymotion 2.7.1 is out and fixes compatibility issues with Android Studio. Faster ADB technology has been removed and will be reimplemented very soon in 2.7.2.

EDIT 1: We noticed a few compatibility issues with Android Studio (Genymotion not being detected by adb). 2.7.1 is on its way and will fix the issue. Meanwhile, 2.6.0 is the version that remains available to download.

YES! You read it right: Genymotion now fully supports Retina screen resolutions [insert victory song]. No more design flaws or weird issues! We considered the waiting time sufficient (i.e. dawn of time) and rolled up our sleeves* to make it available for this release.

Genymotion 2.7.0 also brings updated and improved ADB. It is blazing fast: large APK files can now be pushed ten to thirty times faster on any Android version! No more coffee-time during deployments.

Also on the menu: NAT/Bridge network modes. Connect with your virtual devices from any computer on the same network!

One last thing: in order to provide the best experience for the maximum amount of users, we will now focus our efforts on today’s most-used platforms. As a consequence, Genymotion 32-bit is no longer available and will not be updated nor supported anymore. Don’t panic! Previous versions will still be operational.

As always, this release also brings a couple of bug fixes and improvements, which you can read about in more detail in the full release note. You might notice subtle changes paving the way for our soon to be released Cloud offer. Let us know in comments if you found them all!


* No developers were harmed in the making of this new version.


Our teams work hard to bring you the best at each release. If you have any queries, please feel free to send us an email or tweet us @Genymotion.