HPE’s annual Discover event is upon us! This year it is happening in Las Vegas from the 7th-9th of June, and will be dedicated to digital transformation. We are very excited to announce we’ll be part of HPE’s selected industry visionaries! Here are all the subjects we’ll tackle, plus all the related sessions. See you there!

Tips to keep up with demands for qualitative app releases

Mobile app testing is part of the answers, everybody knows that. However testing for 1,000 Android versions and devices is a bit tough. That’s where emulators come into play, as useful complements to real physical devices. Let us explain you what are Android emulators, what is Genymotion and what it exactly provides – besides being the world leader for app testing and collaboration!

The virtues of Genymobile emulators in your mobile testing strategy
Session ID: T8541
Theater 6
Wednesday 12:30-01:00pm

Recommendations to rethink mobile testing processes

With mobile testing, businesses are able to drastically improve their user experience, and see great results in customer loyalty and engagement. However, there’s always room for improvement, and unfortunately not everyone perform mobile tests to their full extent. During this session you will hear examples and improvement tips directly from industry’s pet experts.

Panel discussion on mobile testing
Session ID: PNL10325
San Polo 3505
Wednesday 02:30pm – 03:30pm


The perfect place to solve your daily or occasional business problems. Ask anything and get real life practices and methodologies related to mobile testing. We will also talk about device deployment, labs, platforms, features and discuss manual testing, automation, performance, analytics, integration and licensing.

Mobile testing Roundtable
Session ID: RT9064
Where: Marcello 4401A
Tuesday 7th June: 04:30pm – 05:30pm
Thursday 9th June: 09:00-10:00am ; 10:30-11:30am ; 01:30-02:30pm