Let’s start with the best part:


Virtual devices are smooth and responsive again! They now run as fast as earlier this year. Also (you might like this one), we made sure you reach +20% performance in browser and webviews ?

Now fixes

No more black screens at boot for Mac users and no more server random crashes either.

We also noticed a few features appearing to be inaccessible for some Windows users. Fixed too! This used to happen when specific system components were missing in the PATH.


We take this opportunity to remind that Genymotion 32-bits (Linux) is no longer available since 2.7.0. So no need to look after it, you simply won’t find it! More details in our previous release blog post.

Genymotion 2.8.0 is already available to download. Enjoy it now on Windows, Mac, or Linux. All the changes are detailed in the full release note.


We work hard to give you the best experience but sometimes things can go wrong. If this is your case please email us or tweet us. You can also try to yell at your computer but we cannot be held responsible if this doesn’t work.