gmsaas 1.8.0

gmsaas 1.8.0 is out:

New features:

  • Added --max-run-duration option for command gmsaas instances start.
  • Added gmsaas hwprofiles get|list|create|delete commands.
  • Added gmsaas osimages get|list|clone|delete commands.
  • Added gmsaas recipes get|create|delete commands.
  • Added gmsaas instances save|saveas commands.


  • Require at least Python 3.8.
  • Marked as deprecated --stop-when-inactive option, replaced by --max-run-duration.
  • Added --out option to gmsaas logzip command.
  • Added --source option to gmsaas recipes list command.
  • Improved help wording which is now accessible with -h in addition of --help.
  • Added more details in JSON output format regarding Recipes and Instances.

Run pip3 install [--user] --upgrade gmsaas to update

For more details and usage, please refer to