Genymotion SaaS new interface

Genymotion Cloud SaaS becomes Genymotion SaaS!

The user interface has been completely redesigned to provide you with a modern web application to manage your Android virtual devices in the Cloud.New features:

  • Homepage now lists your running virtual devices in a customizable table.
  • You can now start, stop and save virtual devices directly on this page.
  • Emulator player has been maximized and uses dark theme.
  • Templates are now Recipes: default (delivered by Genymotion) or custom (shared or saved).
  • Collaboration features: inviting users, sharing recipes and live sessions have been reworked to facilitate teamwork.
  • All pages are now responsive (laptops & mobile support).
  • Administration: managers can now promote invited users as managers.

Breaking changes:

  • Applications dedicated page is going to be reworked and has been removed for now, but you can still upload APKs to your devices!
  • Administration: User groups page has been temporarily removed as it is incomplete. It will be back with new features later. Stay tuned!

Bug fixes & improvements:

  • Modern user-experience everywhere, applying Material Design principles.
  • Platform status directly visible in Sidenav.
  • User profile: Easily set your avatar & name.
  • Useful links: Documentation, public API and Help center.

Check the User Guide  for more details.If you have any suggestions, feel free to fill our form .