Genymotion 2.6.0 (December 2nd, 2015)


  • In some situations, cloning a virtual device could take longer than expected and fail. This has been fixed.
  • The Power button is now darkening the virtual device screen on Mac OS X.
  • On Linux and Mac OS X, Genymotion now properly resumes after hibernation.
  • The Screencast feature on Mac OS X El Capitan doesn’t lead to a crash of Genymotion anymore.
  • On Mac OS X, Genymotion would sometimes needlessly consume license activations. This has been fixed.
  • In the SMS feature of the Phone widget, all Unicode characters are now properly handled.
  • The command android setdeviceid of Genymotion Shell now allows upper case.
  • The command gmtool license info of GMTool now takes the timezone into account when displaying the expiration time.


  • The way Genymotion installs “flashable archives” has been updated. It now executes update binary if one is present. Many tools have been added to execute complex scripts without a recovery.
  • The new densities 420dpi and 560dpi provided in Marshmallow have been added.
  • The UI of the Settings screen has been improved to offer an easier way to sign in, register the license key and use the license server feature.
  • Genymotion’s development platform has been migrated from Qt4 to Qt5.

Virtual devices

Marshmallow Preview
  • The Launcher3 crash that sometimes occurs at boot has been fixed.
  • Doze now works properly.
  • Video and audio codecs have been integrated.
Android 5.X
  • Apps are no longer optimized at every boot.
Android 2.3
  • The date and time of the virtual device are now properly updated.

Gradle Plugin

  • Compatibility with all versions of Android Gradle Plugin from 1.0.0 to 1.5.0 is now fixed.
  • Error logging for Genymotion version compatibility checks has been improved.