Genymotion 2.0.0 (November 13th, 2013)

Genymotion 2.0.0 is no more a beta version but the first Genymotion commercial release!

Migrating from v1.3.0

  • To use the new features, you must deploy new virtual devices after upgrading to Genymotion v2.0.0. All previous virtual devices deployed with Genymotion v1.3.0 will continue to work but without the new features
  • Warning: all Genymotion settings (ADB path, network proxy configuration, …) will be lost after upgrading to Genymotion v2.0.0. It’s not possible to recover settings from previous versions


As announced earlier, Genymotion doesn’t include Google Apps and ARM libraries support anymore.Concerning ARM libraries support, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem for you developers,as there will be absolutely no impact if you use the Java SDK. As for the NDK, it is straightforward toenable x86 compilation for your native code. You need to add the x86 platform to the APP_ABI entry of file.
for example: APP_ABI := armeabi armeabi-v7a x86 mipsThere are now a lot of good x86 devices in the wild, and this is a good opportunity to embrace this newplatform, and add x86 compatibility to your app if you haven’t done it yet.For Google apps, we are still trying to work with Google to add them back. If you decide to add theneeded package by yourself, it will be at your own risk and responsibility and we will not be liable for it.This release includes a “drag&drop” feature which will allow you to drag&drop an APK or a ZIP file to the Genymotion window:

  • APK files will be installed and, if possible, automatically started
  • ZIP files, if they are detected as system updates or system patches, will be automatically deployed in your Genymotion virtual device.

Licensing system

A licensing system is available in Genymotion version 2.0.0.

Genymotion can be used in Free mode (without commercial features) for your personal use or with a license (Indie or Business) enabling all features for a professional use.

Please refer to the Store section of the Genymotion website.

New features

New Remote Control widget

Control accelerometer sensor and multi-touch gestures in your application directly from any real device.

Only available with Indie and Business licenses.

New Screencast widget

Take screenshots and videos very easily from any Genymotion virtual device.

Only available with Indie and Business licenses.

Drag&Drop to copy files and APK in your virtual device

With a simple drag&drop, you can copy files very easily from your computer to your virtual device.
If an APK is dropped into the virtual device, it will be installed and launched automatically! You can drop files, folders,APK, or zip files. Zip packages containing /system directory tree will be automatically installed.To use this new feature, the path to ADB must be correctly set.

Search engine in the virtual device creation window

In the new virtual device creation window, you can now filter devices by Android version, device name or with a search keyword.

Slideshow during virtual device download

A slideshow describes new Genymotion features and some useful Genymotion tips when you wait for your virtual device to be installed.

Possibility to change storage folder of Genymotion virtual devices

In the Genymotion settings, you can now choose the folder where Genymotion virtual devices will be stored.
This feature allows you to avoid filling your system disk when it has a small capacity.

Write Android logcat into a file

The Android log messages (from logcat) are automatically written to a file on your workstation. See documentation for more details.
This allows you to easily send these logs to the Genymotion Support team. To use this new feature, the path to ADB must be correctly set.

A specific toolbar for Genymotion widgets

Two toolbars are now available in Genymotion. One for Genymotion widgets and one for Android actions (recent apps, back,…).

New Android versions

Android 4.3

Android 4.3 is now available for Genymotion, supporting all 2.0.0 features (Remote Control widget, Webcam widget, Screencast widget, …).

Android 2.3 in Preview version

Android 2.3 is now available for Genymotion in preview version. Try it and give us your feedback about it!


  • A memory leak as been found in the way Android applications were handled, leading to a heavy memory consumption from Genymotion software. This issue has been fixed.
  • On workstations where the VirtualBox “Default Machine Folder” has been modified by the user, adding a new Genymotion virtual device could reset this setting to its VirtualBox built-in value. This issue is now fixed.
  • If Genymotion cannot connect to your virtual device then you will be invited to check your network parameters
  • Genymotion configuration panel has been redesigned with tabs instead of a single options list to enhance its usability.
  • We now use a new filemanager inside Genymotion virtual devices: Astro has been replaced by CyanogenMod Filemanager.